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The pest control industry has seen a massive advancement in monitoring and baiting techniques over the last few decades. However a lot of warehouses have not kept their pest control procedures up to this rapid pace.

With Ecopoise Pest & Hygiene integrative pest control maintenance plan that prevents as well as erradicates pests as opposed to the old reactionary model of waiting until pests arrived and then exterminating them.


Risks of not having a pest control procedure 

The risks posed by pests to your business include:

  • The spread of disease 
  • Damage to property 
  • Contamination of your product and work surfaces 
  • Poor staff relations 
  • Severe loss of reputation and a building of negative public opinion 
  • Prosecution and even closure of your business


The risks listed above can have serious implications for your business. As such you need to create and maintain a pest control plan that mitigate these risks. As mentioned earlier, pest control used to revolve around a reactionary approach. This newer approach is more proactive and therefore, more effective in protecting your warehouse. This integrative method involves chemical and physical control methods, inspections and monitoring, habitat management, good building design, strong maintenance and exclusion practices.

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