How can you prevent a cockroach infestation in your home?

Silverfish are destructive pests that feed on starchy materials and can damage books, clothing, and wallpaper. They often originate from dark, damp areas such as basements and attics. To deter silverfish, it’s important to reduce humidity levels, store items in airtight containers, and declutter storage areas.

Silverfish are agile runners and can outrun most of their predators (including wandering spiders and centipedes). However, such running is possible only on horizontal surfaces, as they lack any additional appendages, and therefore are not fast enough to climb walls at the same speed. They also avoid light.

What’s the lifespan of a silverfish?

The surrounding environment has a major influence on silverfish development and how long silverfish live. In ideal environments of high temperatures and humidly, these insects can live for about three years.

The female lays groups of fewer than 60 eggs at once, deposited in small crevices.

When the nymphs hatch, they are whitish in colour and look like smaller adults.  Silverfish are among the few types of insects that continue to moult after reaching adulthood.

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