Pest control companies are not necessarily experts in exterminating pests in your home and business. However, experience and training can make a big difference when choosing which pest control company to call. ECOPOISE has been taking care of pest problems for 10 years. Our technicians undergo rigorous training on pest biology and management to ensure that we only provide you with responsible treatments.
At ECOPOISE, we offer the following services:

For the infestation of cockroaches, bed bugs, and other crawling insects comprehensive spraying will be carried out in the premises using Approved chemicals by Ministry of Environment and Water of Dubai and Abu Dhabi Municipality. As for hard to reach and critical areas gel baiting shall be done.

Flying insects can be controlled in numerous ways like misting, fogging and larviciding, however the ultimate solution for pest infestation would be eliminating the root cause of the infestation thru sanitation and exclusion methods.

We do Internal and External rat bait system using approved rodenticides. They will be placed only on selected areas particularly on possible runways and breeding site of rat and mice.We also offer pest control for other pest, like snakes, birds, and cats control. We offer alternative eclusion methods like trapping and exclusion methods like nets, as we from Teminex Pest Control do care for our environment.

Weed problem has also been a problem for most roadworks, and building construction. Ecopoise has developed an spraying system for weed control using the latest herbicide in the market. With its weed sprayer system , surely your weed problem is under control.

For Stored product pests, Ecopoise is fully capable of Fumigation. Be it Stack , Container or Bulk fumigation, we can make the solution specially catered to your specific needs. Fumigation is a risky process and we at Ecopoise will carry the safest fumigation program possible for you.

Our Integrated Pest Management Program (Partnership,Exclusion,Sanitation,Treatment) has been the foundation for our success in achieving and maintaining our status as a trusted provider of pest control services in ABU DHABI and DUBAI. Once you sign an agreement with us, that is the start of our partnership. Because we want the least usage of chemicals as much as possible, we also incorporate other control methods that does not involve chemicals. We also use mechanical traps and pheromone traps as well. We want to solve the pest problems into their root cause thru exclusion and sanitation.

PARTNERSHIP – achieved by close cooperation between us and our client partner thru effective communication. We are very open to the needs of our clients. We have emergency response team for your urgent needs, all you need to do is call our Customer Service Hotline and a reliable team shall assists you with your needs.

EXCLUSION – aims to protect a building against pest entry through effective proofing measure and inspections by us followed by recommendation which our client partner shall work upon. We serve as your another opinion by giving you recommendations on what has to be improved from your facility to prevent pest infestation. This is thru our service inspection, done by our qualified Entomologists.

SANITATION – calls for high standard of hygiene. A professional pest control specialist can assist you in the maintenance of proper sanitation and pest control standards thru our inspections reports. In addition, we also help your staff by giving you pest awareness training. We at Ecopoise educate our clients so they can be a reliable partner towards our common goal, to control the pest in their facility.

TREATMENT – our last approach in managing pest problems whereby treatment of infestation must be efficiently and speedily carried out with consideration for safety measures. As you can see, treatment is just a part of our Integrated Pest Management Program. We do not rely majorly on chemicals, but we believe in solving pest infestations at their root cause.est Control now and you will receive a free survey. Our qualified entomologist and sales consultant shall inspect your premise Green Pest Management is an extension of our Integrated Pest Mangement Program. The basics of Integrated Pest Mangement is being followed only for one exception, the chemicals being used for the treatment part are ORGANIC PESTICIDES.

Organic Pesticides are naturally occurring and are low risk materials. Using these organic pesticides lowers the risk of health and safety issues. In lieu of some organic pesticides, Synthetic insect growth regulators are also being used. These IGRs are pest specific and have a very low mammalian toxicity. They may not be organic pesticides but they given that they qualities of being target specific and have very low mammalian toxicity they are found appropriate for low impact structural pest management as they are incorporated with a definitive Pest Management.

Aside from the use of organic pesticides, Green Pest Management shall also rely heavily on the usage of monitoring thru physical control and trapping. This method allows us to apply the usage of pest action threshold. The pest action threshold shall be set so as during monitoring if pest action threshold is reach, appropriate actions will be implemented.

The first week on each new site is the most dangerous and accidents are more frequent at the end of the day. To minimize accidents at the work site, most construction companies conduct health and safety induction training to all employees and personnel entering the work sites.  A sticker placed on hard hats bearing the name or logo of the contractor is a symbol that an employee has completed the health and safety induction training.

1.      Head Covering


The hair and skin on the neck and head must always be protected. This is important in situations where exposure from chemical sprays is possible. Chemical-resistant rain hats, wide brimmed hats and washable hard hats are good. Do not use cotton or felt hats as they absorb pesticides.

2.      Goggles And Respirator


Wear shielded safety glasses or a full-face shield whenever the chemical could possibly contact your eyes. Safety glasses with brow and side shields are acceptable for low exposure situations. Always wear goggles or full-face respirator when you are pouring or mixing concentrates or working in a highly toxic spray or dust. In high exposure situations when both face and eye protection are needed, a face shield can be worn over goggles. Clean them after each use.

3.      Respirators


Respirators protect the applicator from inhaling toxic chemicals. The label will tell you if a respirator is required. Consider wearing one during any lengthy exposure with a high risk of pesticide inhalation. Always wear a respirator while mixing or filling highly toxic pesticides. Applicators who will be constantly exposed to small amounts of moderately toxic pesticides for a day or several days, should also wear a respirator.

4.      Gloves


Always wear chemical-resistant gloves when handling all pesticides. Never use leather or cotton gloves as these types of gloves can be more hazardous than no protection at all because they absorb and hold the pesticide close to your skin for long periods of time.

5.      Safety Shoes


Always wear safety shoes when working in the site or when handling or applying moderately or highly toxic pesticides. Wash the shoes after each use and dry thoroughly inside and out to remove all pesticide residue. Use them only for pesticide applications.

6.      Body Covering And Safety Vest


Regular work attire of long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, shoes, and socks should always be worn when applying pesticides. Many applicators prefer work uniforms and cotton coveralls that fit the regular-work-attire description and provide equal protection. Applicators should reserve one set of clothing for pesticide use only. Launder and store separately from all other clothing.

1.      Hazard Lights On Vehicle


All vehicles must be equipped with appropriate hazard and stop lights. These warning lights should be used at all times while working inside the project site.

2.      Use Of Warning Signboards At The Work Site


Prior to the start of chemical application, warning signs should be in place at the work site to notify all workers that anti-termite treatment application is in progress.

ECOPOISE Pest Control started operating in Abu Dhabi in 1999. In 2006, our company expanded its services to Dubai and has been one of the major players in the pest control industry in the South Africa since then.Our company is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the pest control industry. We also have certified entomologists who con-duct training for our technicians to ensure that our people can answer all your inquiries with confidence and accuracy. Lastly, we have the service technicians who make up the core of the company.

Our existing customers can attest to the courteousness and dependability of our technicians when it comes to service treatments. ECOPOISE adopts international standards where our pest control services are concerned. As we all know, several studies have proven that the extensive use of chemicals is not only hazardous to the people and the environment, but also results in the development of insect resistance to pesticides. At ECOPOISE, we believe that modern pest control should be based on the foundation of scientific principles, technology, good judgement and sound decision.

This is why our company relies on the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is not a single pest control method but a combination of different control practices, ranging from cultural, mechanical, biological and chemical control. IPM is a program that combines information on pests and the available pest control methods, then use this to manage pest damage in the most economical means and with the least possible hazard to people, property and environment. You can trust that all our service programs are designed using the principles of IPM and that you and your family will only receive the most effective and safest way to pest management. We take pride in the ECOPOISE name and we support this by giving our commitment to provide you with quality service.

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