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As for the pest control of the Education Sector, ECOPOISE carries out the treatment with the safest control methods and the safest chemicals we have available. Furthermore, we provide green options for the treatment – using naturally occurring chemicals that are of the lowest toxicity level.

Mosquitoes, fleas, flies, and rodents are known to infest schools. They are known to carry diseases like malaria, dysentery, and leptospirosis. Check the pest control activities in your children’s school.

All educational facilities should be a place where students and staff should feel safe when you get problems with rats, wasps, and cockroaches which can appear at any time of the year, these cause disruption to the school’s normal working life, it adversely affects confidence which has a knock-on effect towards the facilities reputation. 

The most dangerous venomous arthropods to humans are wasps. They cause more than two hundred deaths a year nationally. However, measures can be taken to reduce the threat from wasps. Frequent inspections of the school grounds and removal of nests will ensure that wasps will not endanger any children.

Some children and adults are allergic to venomous arthropods. These victims may suffer a mild reaction such as itching. However, allergic reactions of some may include cyanosis and death. Many deaths across the world are attributed to venomous insects each year.

The health and safety of children is the school’s responsibility while they are at school. If a child reacts badly to a sting received while at school, is the school negligent? What is the liability of the school district if a child is stung triggering a severe reaction?

German cockroaches can live and breed by the thousands in areas where humans live and work. Classrooms and kitchen are exploited by the cockroaches because there is an abundance of food, water, and shelter and sanitation is often poor. German cockroaches can carry germs, like Staph and Strep. They are the number one cause of asthma in urban youth.

Cockroach body parts and droppings may cause asthmatic reactions in sensitive children. The more children are exposed to cockroaches the more sensitive they become. What is the liability of the school district if an asthmatic child is exposed to cockroaches and that exposure triggers an attack?

We have a natural passion for dealing with pests and we can effectively deal with all pest issues that arise at your premises through the delivery of our low-cost management service. Educational facilities are faced with the dilemma of efficiently managing pests and we are there to efficiently get rid of the problems. 

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