The black rat, also known as the ship rat, roof rat, or house rat—is a common long-tailed rodent of the stereotypical rat genus Rattus, in the subfamily Murinae. It likely originated in the Indian subcontinent but is now found worldwide. The black rat is black to light brown in colour with a lighter underside.

  • Lifespan: 12 months (In the wild)
  • Scientific name: Rattus rattus
  • Mass: 75 – 230 g (Adult)
  • Length: 32 – 46 cm (Adult)

What do Roof Rats do during the day?

A roof rat spends most of the day sleeping in its nest. These rodents are nimble climbers and live in high places like attics or above drop ceilings. If residents notice a roof rat during the day, it could point to the presence of a larger population just out of sight.

How to get rid of Roof Rats?

Snap traps are typically the best way to capture and get rid of roof rats. However, setting snap traps can be extremely difficult, especially when trying to catch a roof rat, which is among the toughest of rodents to capture.

Tips and Tricks

Because of their highly developed sense of smell, rats are very susceptible to certain odors. Peppermint oil, castor oil, and citronella oil all drive rats away. Use cotton balls soaked in these oils, or just spread a little oil around where the rats are staying, and they’ll leave for less pungent climes.

Professional Advice

Alternatively, it is best to get the professionals to do a Treatment for you to ensure that those buggers are taken and kept out of your roof.