Residential Services

Residential Pest Control

Pests are never welcome in your home. They can be a serious health risk to your family and they can cause major damage to your home, internally and externally.

Ecopoise offers a variety of service options, including, monthly, quarterly, and one-time services. 

Our technicians are dedicated to their assigned territories and are in your neighborhood on a regular basis. Ecopoise has fully trained technicians to help you in eradicating and preventing rodents and any other infestation.

Most households at some stage will inevitably encounter an insect problem of some sort at some stage. An infestation of these insects requires expert treatment to completely eradicate and Ecopoise has various techniques both physical and chemical to do just that.

Weed control – combined with regular fertilization, proper mowing, and correct watering practices – will keep the grass thriving while the weeds disappear.

Weed control products used by Ecopoise are tested and approved and are applied by licensed, trained professionals.

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