R150.00 Excluding Courier


Scientifically Proven to kill crawling & flying insects.

Cockroaches, mosquitoes, Tobacco beetle, Litter beetle, Ants, Fish moths, Crickets, Bedbugs, fleas and stored product insects.

Areas of use

Close all windows and wall openings in the area to be treated. Switch off all air conditioners and fans. Open all cupboards, drawers and closures.

Place the aerosol unit on a stable surface either on the floor or elevated on a table top in the centre of the room to be treated. Place a piece of paper or cloth underneath. The aerosol nozzle sprays upwards so the operator must point the nozzle away whilst depress the actuator until it locks in position. Leave the room immediately and close the exit door.

Keep the treated area closed for at least three hours.

Ventilate the area for at least 30 minutes by opening all doors and windows before allowing occupation.

One 325 ml aerosol is adequate to treat 173 m3 of air space. For larger areas calculate the volume air space and use the appropriate number of aerosol cans.