Ultrakill Timberdefence 5L

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A Ready-for-use organic solvent-based solution
containing specifically blended insecticidal and
fungicidal active ingredients that provide a
colourless surface treatment for the protection of
seasoned timber against wood borer and termite
attack as well as discolouring fungi and mould
growth. TIMBERDEFENCE contains a high level of
insecticide to provide long term protection and also
to control and eradicate wood-boring insects in
infested timber.

TIMBERDEFENCE is a ready-for-use formulation for the application of seasoned timber against insects a
fungal discolouration.
On application, the organic solvent assists in the penetration of the active ingredient into the wood structure
and ensures rapid drying of the treated surfaces. After drying, any coating/finish can be applied to the
treated wood surface.
New wood:
 Remove dust and foreign materials.
 Sand to a smooth finish
Old wood:
 Remove paint or varnish-type coatings with “Cote-strip”
 Remove old waxy and oil type finishes with “Index”
 Remove fungal stains/discolouration with “Timberite”
 Sand surface to a smooth finish

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