Ultrakill Fly Bait 20kg

R3,588.00 Excluding Courier



1. Dry bait
Place bait in suitable shallow containers out of reach of children and animals in areas where flies
usually congregate. Replace bait as required. In dry areas, bait can be sprinkled over moistened
cotton wool in shallow containers. Used bait must be adequately disposed of.

2. Scatter bait
Scatter bait at the rate of 300 g / 50 – 100 m2
in and around animal housing in areas inaccessible to
animals and on refuse tips or manure heaps. Repeat treatment at 2 – 3-day intervals until the fly
population has been reduced.

3. Stick-on method
Where bait cannot be adequately distributed, coat ceiling tiles, or similar light board with egg white or
other adhesive and lightly sprinkle bait over. Suspend boards from the roof out of reach of animals.

4. Liquid bait
As paint-on bait, mix one-part bait with one part water and apply by paintbrush or roller. Bait can be
applied to any surface out of reach of people and animals where flies congregate.
As sprinkle bait, dissolve 500 – 1000 g / 10  of water. Apply by sprinkling onto floors or sprayed as a
spot treatment to areas frequented by flies. Repeat treatment at 2 – 3-day intervals.


Do not use where there is the possibility that any edible commodity could become contaminated.
Handle with care.
Poisonous by contact and swallowing.
May irritate eyes.
Store away from food and foodstuffs.
Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.
Toxic to fish, bees, birds and wildlife.
Prevent consumption or contact with the skin.
Wear rubber gloves when handling or mixing bait.
Wash thoroughly with soap and water after accidental contact.
Do not contaminate food and foodstuffs or utensils. Destroy empty container and used bait containers and do
not use for any other purpose.