Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

R92.00 Excluding Courier



Eagle Eye Stainless Steel Bird Spikes is used to deter unwanted
birds from specific perching,roosting and nesting areas.
The spikes are manufactured out of grade 302 stainless steel to
ensure longevity when used outside – even in coastal areas.
The spikes are 1mm thin and very hard to see when installed,
making it a good aesthetic product to use.
The base is manufactured out of uv stabilized polycarbonate and
is designed to snap off where needed.
The length of the bird spike is 500mm and the width can be
modified to up to 200mm.
The bird spikes can be fastened to the surface with a strong
adhesive or by means of screws.
Ideal for window sills, parapet walls, chimneys, roof peaks,
air-conditioning units,solar panels and many more applications.
Stainless Steel Bird-Spikes: Sold in 500mm lengths. Pricing per Meter