Rossi 200 Super

R990.00 Excl Vat


General directions: • ROSSI 200 SUPER is a suspension concentrate with long lasting residual effect for the control of Ants (residues for up to 4 weeks when sprayed on wood & painted cement), Cockroaches and Flies (residues on all surfaces for at least 1 week) if ROSSI 200 SUPER is not wiped with a cloth. • ROSSI 200 SUPER can be used indoors, with regard to buildings such as homes, hotels, factories, shops, food processing facilities, restaurants, schools, kennels, stables, piggeries, dairy units, refuse dumps, poultry houses, etc.

Rossi 200 Super – 1 Liter suspension concentrate
formulation. 60ml in 5 litres water applied to 100m2.
Active Ingredients: fipronil (phenyl pyrazole) 182 g/l,
lambda-cyhalothrin (pyrethroid) 18 g/l.