Knapsack Sprayer 16 L



2-year warranty – the warranty does not include wear and tear.

Brand: CrossMark
Model: PB16
Colour: Yellow
Volume: 16 litre

*Main Features:
-The acknowledged semi-auto knapsack sprayer worldwide.
-A knapsack sprayer that fulfils the FAO requirement.
-Pesticide sprayers are widely used in the agriculture sector.
-Suitable for heavy usage on the spraying of Herbicides, Pesticides, Fungicides and more require sophisticated spraying media (Low Volume Spray to High Volume Spray).
-Adjustable solid cone nozzle LSA/4 (LG) and LSA/4/1(R) nozzle cap in packaging very suitable for spot spray, selective spray, and P & D spray.
-Changeable spare part, while there is some part, are unworkable.
-Suitable for amateur gardeners, farmers, smallholders and convenient for horticulturists.

-Provide faster jobs performance.
-Easy to use.
-Long-life performance.

*Product Specification:
-Sprayer Type = Knapsack
-Material = Plastic
-Plastic Type = PP
-Tank Material = Polypropylene + UV Protection
-Tank Capacity = 16 Litre
-Pump Type = Piston
-Pump Action = Left / Right Hand
-Lance = Fiber Spraying Lance 18 Inch
-Nozzle: Adjustable Solid Cone Nozzle
-Maximum Pressure = 8 Bar
-Working Pressure = 2.0 ~ 4.0 Bar
-Net Weight = 4.30 kg
-Gross Weight = 5.20kg
-Package Measurement : 44.8cm  x  25.3cm  x 53.0cm

*What is included?
1 x fully set of PB16 Brass Handle Sprayer/Pump with the parts.