Meat Industry

Product Quality and Integrity is a general requirement for the Meat and Meat products business. These requirements includes that the product is free from any contamination caused by pests such as flies, cockroach and rodents.

Ecopoise Pest Control products and services can offer the meat industry protection against contamination of meat products from a variety of pests. Our trained technicians and supervisors will work closely with you to put together a Pest Management Program.

In food processing environments, quality pest control is a must. A pest infestation can put your product and your business’s reputation at risk because nobody wants to find something in the product that’s not on the label.

Step 1: Inspection

For food processors weekly inspections are common, and some plants inspect even more frequently.

Step 2: Preventive Action

One of the most effective prevention measures is exclusion, i.e., performing structural maintenance to close potential entry points revealed during the inspection. 

Step 3: Identification

Professional pest management always starts with the correct identification of the pest in question.

Step 4: Analysis

Once you have properly identified the pest, you need to figure out why the pest is in your facility.

Step 5: Treatment Selection

When other control methods have failed or are inappropriate for the situation, chemicals may be used in the least volatile formulations in targeted areas to treat the specific pest.

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