Two types: Black garden Ant and Coastal Brown Ant

The black garden Ant feeds on sugar and will be found in kitchens.

Coastal brown Ants feed on meat and protein.

This wingless blue silver insect is known for its fish-like movements, they are also called fishmoths.

They cause damage to different types of materials and fabrics in the home.

Two types of Termites

Northern harvester

Feeds on grass.

Subterranean dry wood-destroying termites.

Causes millions of rands of damage yearly and pose a health risk with its destructive tendency to destroy foundations and wooden structures.

Rats and mice cause damage to electrical wiring that leads to fires and engine failures.

They carry different types of diseases that can infect humans and animals.

Mites are arachnids and are carried over by close physical contact or sharing of clothing and bedding.

Bites can cause severe irritation on the skin and leave rashes on humans and animals.

The most common species are the American cockroach and German cockroach.

Germans were found mostly indoors in kitchens.

Americans are found mostly outdoors and in basements.

Yes, they can fly.

Decomposed debris and feces can become airborne and lead to lung problems, and asthma and carry Ecoli and salmonella pathogens.