Food Industry

Pest Control is a must for Food Industry. The whole process of food manufacturing should be protected to ensure that the product is pest free. Ecopoise offers a customized Integrated Pest Control service for the complete manufacturing process.

We will work closely with you to ensure that the Integrated Pest Management solution is a perfect fit for your business. Ecopoise offers a complete package to meet your audit requirements.

 Special precautions must be taken to keep pest control treatments from threatening food safety.

To better control pests while respecting a food plant’s sensitive environmental needs.

Step 1: Inspection

The cornerstone of an effective IPM program is a schedule of regular inspections. 

Step 2: Preventive Action

As regular inspections reveal vulnerabilities in your pest management program, take steps to address them before they cause a real problem. 

Step 3: Identification

Different pests have different behaviors. By identifying the problematic species, pests can be eliminated more efficiently and with the least risk of harm to other organisms. 

Step 4: Analysis

Once you have properly identified the pest, you need to figure out why the pest is in your facility. How are the pests finding their way in – perhaps through the floors or walls? Could incoming shipments be infested?

Step 5: Treatment Selection

When other control methods have failed or are inappropriate for the situation, chemicals may be used in the least volatile formulations in targeted areas to treat the specific pest. You’ll also see higher pest control scores at audit time.

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