Northern harvester termites aka flying ants are usually associated with the first rains of the season with our houses being flooded with fallen wings but will be active whole year-round if food sources are sufficient.

It only takes a few days for homeowners to notice large patches in the lawn where the grass starts to go missing.

The bad news is; that this may only be the start of problems to arise.

Northern harvester termites feed mostly on grass but don’t let them fool you by thinking your home is safe.

Their colonies can rapidly grow with a single queen being capable of laying 25000 eggs per day and before you know it, your subsoil is a city for these critters.

By tunneling through the subsoil and foundation, damage can quickly be caused to the household structures and will lead to a large health risk for those on such a premises

Ensure that you are protected by taking the proper precautions by treating accordingly before the famous flying ant becomes the infamous home wrecker.