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Outsourcing adds value to many organizations by allowing them to concentrate on what they do best — core business. 

ECOPOISE provides a full range of facilities management services, from proactive commercial pest control to washroom services.

Maintenance of the plants in and around your office as well as regular weed control and termite treatments.

Our pest management services are delivered in a number of different ways, to suit individual business needs.

Pest control is a headache for property managers and facilities. Dealing with these complaints can eat up the valuable time of maintenance crews and become a source of strife with tenants and cause big problems in facilities. That’s why it’s important to assert control of the situation proactively and take steps to intercept rodents and insects before they get out of control.

If insects or rodents can find a way into a structure,  they will take advantage of it in any way they can. They will use it for shelter, and they will track down food and water inside where they’re protected from severe weather ad use the space for harbourage.

Your best bet is to make regular property inspections and seal voids that allow access to these pests. Ultimately you can contact Ecopoise Pest & Hygiene to ensure that the problems are taken care of for you and do an inspection for you.

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