Ants are a common insect found inside the home, usually followed by the words “they are everywhere”.

Being the garbage disposal service brought to you by nature it is not the most ideal situation to find them in your food.

A few common ant species in South Africa:

Brown Ants

Tends to be yellow-brown in colour with their size ranging from 1.5-2.5mm.

They mostly feed on protein and will most likely be found outside feeding on meat matter.

Argentine Ants

These ants are light-dark brown in colour. The workers are 1.6mm in length and are known to bite. They will feed on anything ranging from honeydew to human sputum.

Black Garden Ant

They are 4-5mm in size and Feed mostly on glucose products that will be found in areas that are moist such as the kitchen.

Tips on Controlling Ants

Lowering the number of food resources for the ants by sealing food products, eliminating still standing water and swift cleaning of spillage can contribute to lowering the risk of an infestation.


Treatment consists of implementing multiple bait systems as well as perimeter sprays. Treatment takes around 45 minutes to complete.