Leaders in the Pest Control Industry 

Ecopoise Pest and Hygiene started in 2002 as a company then known as Pest Solutions, founded by a young entrepreneur. Striving to be the best, he has dedicated his life to taking Ecopoise to the pinnacle of quality services of produce and public health.

As a result of attending seminars and courses annually in America, Dubai, and South Africa, Ecopoise Pest and Hygiene are among the pest control industry leaders today. By contributing pest solutions to the South African seed giants like Pannar and Stark Ayres. Ecopoise will deliver services as described with more value than anticipated.

Ecopoise delivers its promises to all of its family of supporters, with integrity as a guide. Our 18 years of trading will reflect the quality and speed of our work.

We can attend to any pest, weed, or hygiene service challenge with expert knowledge and experience.

It is essential to create a service with minimal inconvenience and maximum value. The service Ecopoise contributes to the market is based on this belief, and we invite you to let us add value and save you time regarding your industry needs.

Trusted Pest Control Service Provider for over 16 years!

Ecopoise Pest Control eliminates pests

and maintains your pest-free home or business.

Our foundation of success for the Integrated Pest Management Program (Partnership, Exclusion, Sanitation, Treatment) has been in achieving and maintaining our status as a trusted provider of pest control services.

Our Promise

Customers are treated with the highest level of service delivery. We hire only dependable pest control operators that you will be able to count on when it comes to providing you with the best service possible.

Guaranteed Services

We have certified operators who are local and they are there to support you whether it is a one-off pest problem or to provide you with the peace of mind of a service plan.





Competitive Prices and Maintenance Plans

Once off Treatments?

Pest Maintenance Plan?


A good partnership is achieved by close cooperation between us and our client through effective communication. We are very open to the requirements of our clients. We have an emergency response team for your urgent needs, all you need to do is call our Customer Service Hotline and a reliable team gladly assists you.


At Ecopoise, we understand the importance of good pest control to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for employees, customers, and visitors.
Recognizing all industries with a zero tolerance to pests, we provide a dedicated team of High Dependency Operators.
Their expertise and industry knowledge will help to plan the most effective pest control service.
Our understanding and knowledge will ensure that our service enables you to comply with all legal obligations.

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