Residential Services

Regular maintenance for your home against South Africa’s most common pests gives you and your family peace of mind.

Commercial Services

We understand the importance of good pest control to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for employees, customers and visitors


Our technicians will continue to monitor your home and perform routine, preventative maintenance.

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I would like a quote for Disinfecting, Decontamination for my HOME/BUSINESS

Why choose us?

Ecopoise understands that it takes happily involved customers and their word of mouth for our business to grow continuously.

Not only do we strive for our customers to feel satisfied and secure, but our employees as well. Ecopoise Pest and Hygiene provides a stable working environment, and constantly training and educating our employees about the ever-changing South African pest control industry.

Our customers are treated with the highest level of service while being educated at the same time.
















































































Featured Products

Disinfecting, Decontamination, ULV Fogging and Deep Cleaning Services

As offices and facilities reopen, proper planning is required to reduce the risk of further spread of COVID-19 to create a safe environment for customers and employees.

We offer disinfection for:

  • Hard Surfaces
  • Smooth Surfaces
  • Walls and Floors
  • Schools and Ablution facilities
  • Office and Work stations
  • Warehouse and Production areas
  • Fleet and Private vehicles
  • Commercial and Retail sites

Most Economical system in South Africa!

  • Making use of ULV Fogging systems.
  • Only 16.7 ml of usage per person!

Unique features

  • Access Control Attendance Panel,
  • Unique cold fogging system- no chemical spill.
  • No direct chemicals on your skin.
  • No wet skin.
  • Anti-slip floor surface.
  • Wheelchair Ramp Available

Technical Specifications

  • Working Voltage: 170V-240V
  • Frequency: 50/60HZ
  • Rated Power: 20W-400W
  • Working Temperature(atmosphere): Indoor 10 C-35 C
  • Folded size(mm): (L)1800 * (W)1200 * (H)700
  • Extended Size(mm): (L)1800*(W)1200*(H)2370
  • Inner channel size(mm): (L)1800*(W)1115*(H)2000


Certified Pest Control Operators


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