Industries we serve

Ecopoise Pest Control does not only give services but we also sell products for pest control operators. Our products are mostly from reputable manufacturers from abroad. The products are carefully chosen for their function, keeping in mind efficiency and health and safety.



Your home is your personal sanctuary. Pests are unwanted guests and your best option is to call Ecopoise Pest Control to control these pests and get rid of them.


ECOPOISE provides many leading hotels, B&B’s, restaurants, rest homes and golf courses with hospitality pest control services to make sure that never happens. 

Food Industry

Pest Control is a must for Food Industry. The whole process of food manufacturing should be protected to ensure that the product is pest free. 

Meat Industry

Product Quality and Integrity is a general requirement for the Meat and Meat products business. These requirements includes that the product is free from any contamination caused by pests such as flies, cockroach and rodents.

Museums and Antiquities

Ecopoise has been involved with conservation projects here in the city and in Al Ain. It’s a high priority for us to preserve this location and artifacts as they remind us of our ancestry. 

Office Environment

Pests should never be allowed in any office environments. Aside from the fact that they are carriers of diseases, they can influence your staff’s productivity by being a nuisance.

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