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Locally operated throughout South Africa, we treat our customers like our neighbors.

When you call, you will not be connected to a call center across the country. Your call will be answered by an agent in our office near you. Our pest control materials and methods are at the top of the industry. We also ensure that they are safe and environmentally friendly for our valued customers and their families.

We work hard to provide a level of service that will ensure customer satisfaction.

Ecopoise understands that it takes happily involved customers and their word of mouth for our business to grow continuously. A high-quality level of service starts with a company’s employees. We hire only dependable exterminators that you will be able to count on when it comes to providing you with the best service possible. We run background checks and drug tests on all our employees.

Not only do we strive for our customers to feel satisfied and secure, but our employees as well. Ecopoise Pest and Hygiene provides a stable working environment, and constantly training and educating our employees about the ever-changing South African pest control industry. Our customers are treated with the highest level of service while being educated at the same time.

Introducing our Hygiene Products

We are happy to introduce to you our Hygiene Products, partnering with one of the best suppliers in the market!

Hygiene is considered to be a measure of people’s way of life. When a person has good hygiene, they do more than just make themselves comfortable. They also make it much easier and more comfortable for other people to be around them. A person with good hygiene has good manners that they bring everywhere they go, including their workplace. When it comes to the workplace, cleanliness and personal hygiene are of utmost importance too, as they are always included in every company’s norms and policies. After all, no boss would want their employees looking unkempt, right?

Employees represent the company they belong to. This means that it is not enough to just dress professionally. Professionals need to exhibit other traits, as well – flawless hygiene included. Every workplace needs to be hygienic not just for the sake of having a good reputation and making good impressions but also for the sake of health and safety of everyone — customers, visitors, and employees.

One of the best ways to ensure excellent workplace hygiene is to implement hygiene policies that all parties need to follow. Below are the top reasons that will help you explain why everyone needs to take workplace hygiene seriously.

Happy Employees - Happy Business

The workplace environment can greatly influence an employee’s satisfaction at work. Happy and content workers are productive and are always inspired to do their jobs well.


Your Company Will Enjoy a Better Image

Employees are not the only ones that roam around the office. Possible clients, suppliers, and investors sometimes pay a visit, too. The last thing you want is for them to be turned off by a messy, unorganized, and dirty workplace.


Your Employees Will Be Healthier

An unhygienic workplace increases cases of employee absenteeism, costing the business a considerable amount of money. If you have substandard hygiene in the office, expect more and more employees taking sick days.


Prevent the Spread of Bacteria and Viruses

Making sure that your workplace adheres to basic standards of hygiene will help diminish the spread of disease-carrying bacteria and viruses that can be rampant in shared spaces like office kitchens and washrooms.


You Can Reduce Slips, Trips, and Falls

If your workplace is being cleaned on a regular basis, there are very slim chances of accidents happening and employees getting injured. Looking from another angle, this also means that a filthy office increases chances of accidents such as slips, trips, and falls.


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"Our materials and methods are at the top of the industry"

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